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New Insights Into Language Anxiety

The English for Academic Purposes Practitioner

The Critical Turn in Language and Intercultural Communication Pedagogy

The Cambridge Handbook of Cognitive Linguistics

Working with Texts

Introducing Phonetics and Phonology

Cognitive Sociolinguistics

Causation, Permission, and Transfer

Irregular Negatives, Implicatures, and Idioms

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Presuppositions and Cognitive Processes

Discursive Self in Microblogging

The Sociolinguistics of Voice in Globalising China


Language and Literacy in Refugee Families

2017 Linguistics Book

Genre Pedagogy in Higher Education

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Developing Language Teacher Autonomy through Action Research

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Communicating in Digital Age Corporations

2016 Linguistics Book

Syntax and Semantics

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The History of English Spelling

Motivational Currents in Language Learning

Analysis of Complex Networks

Data Collection in Sociolinguistics

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A companion to linguistic anthropology

Linguistics Book

The Handbook of Second Language Acquisition

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The Handbook of Language Teaching

The handbook of Narrative Analysis

Collaboration and Co-teaching

The Semiotics of Emoji

Grammar in Mind and Brain

Basic Linguistic Theory 3

A Semantic Approach to English Grammar

Language Testing and Assessment: An Advanced Resource Book, 2007

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