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A Handbook for Translator Trainers

The Bible at Cultural Crossroads

Asian Translation Traditions

Translational Action and Intercultural Communication

Translated People,Translated Texts

Interpreting and Translating in Public Service Settings

Decolonizing Translation

Cultural Encounters in Translated Children’s Literature

Contextual Frames of Reference in Bible Translation

Comics in Translation

Quran: A Reformist Translation

Note-taking for Consecutive Interpreting

Blackwell Handbook of Judgment and Decision Making

Forbidden Words

Public Service Interpreting

Free Translation Book

Key Terms in Translation Studies

Translation and Identity in the Americas

Translation Studies Book

Toward a Translation Criticism,2009

Stylistic Approaches to Translation

Training for the New Millennium, 2005

To Be Translated or Not to Be, 2007

Testing and Assessment in Translation and Interpreting Studies, 2009

Style and Ideology in Translation, 2008


Translating Style

Incorporating Corpora

The Oxford History of Literary Translation in English

A New English Translation of the Septuagint

Translating Law

New Approaches to Interpreter Education

Translation and Survival

Medical Translation Step by Step

Identity Anecdotes

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