The Palgrave Handbook of Literary Translation 2018


The Palgrave Handbook of Literary Translation

Jean Boase-Beier & Lina Fisher & Hiroko Furukawa 2018

E-Book: 557 English Pages

Price: 5.000 Toman

Download: The Palgrave Handbook of Literary Translation (Boase-Beier & Fisher & Furukawa 2018).

راهنمای سریع دانلود، کلیک کنید .

This Handbook offers a comprehensive and engaging overview of contemporary issues in Literary Translation research through in-depth investigations of actual case studies of particular works, authors or translators. Leading researchers from across the globe discuss best practice, problems, and possibilities in the translation of poetry, novels, memoir and theatre.
Divided into three sections, these illuminating analyses also address broad themes including translation style, the author-translator-reader relationship, and relationships between national identity and literary translation. The case studies are drawn from languages and language varieties, such as Catalan, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Nigerian English, Russian, Spanish, Scottish English and Turkish. The editors provide thorough introductory and concluding chapters, which highlight the value of case study research, and explore in detail the importance of the theory-practice link.
Covering a wide range of topics, perspectives, methods, languages and geographies, this handbook will provide a valuable resource for researchers not only in Translation Studies, but also in the related fields of Linguistics, Languages and Cultural Studies, Stylistics, Comparative Literature or Literary Studies.


  • The first comprehensive book to offer guidelines for characteristics and requirements of case study research in Literary Translation through in-depth investigations of actual case studies
  • Through case studies, chapters address contemporary issues in Literary Translation research such as style and point of view, the author-translator-reader relationship, and translation and national identity Chapters cover literary translation in a wide range of different geographical areas and specific languages including Russian, Dutch, Japanese, Turkish and German
  • Considers concepts of literary translation in relation to many different genres including poetry, novels, memoirs and plays

Jean Boase-Beier is Emeritus Professor of Literature and Translation at the University of East Anglia, UK. She writes on translation theory and the translation of poetry, and is a translator from German.
Lina Fisher has taught Literary Translation at the University of East Anglia and Translation Studies at the University of Hull, UK. Her research interest is the intersection of gender, style and translation.
Hiroko Furukawa is Associate Professor of Literary Translation at Tohoku Gakuin University, Japan. Her main research interests are Literary Translation, and language and gender ideology.

“This exceptionally rich set of case studies presents an account of literary translation as it deserves to be seen, combining the contemporary researcher’s awareness of geopolitical and methodological issues with the creative practitioner’s eye for detail and nuance to give the whole an inspirational sense of immediacy.” (Theo Hermans, University College London, UK)

“This handbook will be an indispensable resource for established researchers and students alike, establishing case studies as a methodological framework which can accommodate the variety of theories and models typical of the interdisciplinary research in Translation Studies. In-depth analyses by experts in the field address aspects of literary translation from poetry to crime fiction, sacred texts to activists while exemplifying case studies methodologies and providing a rich resource for future research. A rigorous and inspiring tour de force.” (Karen Seago, City, University of London, UK)

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