Translation Excellence: Assessment, Achievement, Maintenance , 1987/2008


Translation Excellence

Assessment, Achievement, Maintenance 

Marilyn Gaddis Rose, 1987/2008

E-Book: 158 pages

Publisher: University Center at Binghamton (1987/2008)

Price: 1000 Toman

Download: Translation Excellence: Assessment, Achievement, Maintenance (Gaddis Rose, 1987/2008).

راهنمای سریع دانلود، کلیک کنید .

As quality and concept, excellence in translation is multidimensional and all-encompassing. Excellence in translation sug­gests first appropriate or adequate rendering of a source language text
for a target language audience. “Appropriate” or “adequate” here means suitable both for the text in question and suitable for the audience. “Appropriate” and “adequate” can imply —and usually do —accuracy, completeness, felicity. All contributors assume these last attributes, whatever aspect of translation they address. Second, excellence sug­gests achieving and maintaining high standards like accuracy, com­pleteness, felicity, for the tasks carried out by language specialists re­quire training through supervised experience and/or formal education, continuing professional growth, and peer monitoring and verification. Third, each component of achievement and maintenance has stan­dards and certification stages of its own. The profession, long over­due in being recognized as a profession in the United States, has a stake in postsecondary and continuing education, the status and work­ing conditions of translators, their recruitment and retention, and,above all, their qualifications for being in the profession. For this reason, the profession, represented here by the American Translators Association, has viewed credentialing translators and establishing ethical work­ing guidelines as practical matters, which are vital for standards and hence, factors in excellence.

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