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Discourse and Politeness

Discourse and Identity

Language Testing

Writing in Foreign Language Contexts

Online Intercultural Exchange

Making Standards Useful in the Classroom

A Handbook for the Art and Science of Teaching

Introducing Phonetics and Phonology

Negotiating Elite Talk

Understanding Second Language Acquisition

Teaching and Researching Writing

English in Urban Classrooms

Cognitive Sociolinguistics

Classroom Discourse Analysis

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Language and Power

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An Encyclopedia of Swearing

The New Taxonomy of Educational Objectives

World Englishes

Politics, Gender and Conceptual Metaphors

Mediating Discourse Online

Time to Speak

Clinical Sociolinguistics

The Handbook of Clinical Linguistics

The Blackwell Guide to Research Methods in Bilingualism and Multilingualism

Thinking Syntactically

Writing Systems

Introductory Phonology

The Writing Revolution

Language Testing

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An Introduction to Language Policy

Intercultural Discourse and Communication

What is Meaning?